Farm Livestock

At Grace Lane Vets we have a number of vets with a keen interest in farm animal work and are always looking to offer a progressive service to our farm animal clients. As well as routine care and treatment all year round, we also offer our farming clients the following services:

  • Vaccination programmes
  • Blood testing for health monitoring and also for enrolment or continued membership to health schemes
  • Johne’s accreditation
  • BVD accreditation
  • Bulk milk monitoring
  • Castration; bloodless or surgical
  • Surgery; including caesareans, digit amputations, tup vasectomies, LDA surgery.
  • Private TB testing
  • Preventative medicine
  • Written herd and flock health plans including red tractor approved health plans.
  • Regular client meetings
  • De-horning and disbudding
  • Mobile ultrasound scanner for pregnancy examinations
  • In-patient facilities for lambing ewes
  • Cattle fertility work including routine visits
  • Euthanasia/Slaughter certificates
  • 24 hour emergency service