Keyhole Spays

As a practice, we now offer laparoscopic spays (more commonly referred to as keyhole spays) for all dogs and cats.

This technique is a minimally invasive procedure that dramatically reduces post-operative pain and discomfort and also reduces healing times hugely. During a keyhole procedure, we only perform an ovariectomy, which involves removing just the ovaries, this offers exactly the same health benefits as the traditional ovariohysterectomy, where the uterus and ovaries are removed.

Whichever spay technique is used, we would recommend spaying bitches after their first season to avoid unwanted pregnancy, reduce the risk of mammary tumours and avoid a womb infection, known as a pyometra.

Benefits of the keyhole spay technique to your pet include:

  • Reduced post-operative pain.
  • Reduced surgical risk.
  • Much faster return to exercise and recovery from the procedure.
  • No skin stitches, which means there is much less need to use a buster collar and many bitches don’t need one at all.